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Tuesday, January 3

How to be Positive 101

I’m sure you’re all here because you want to read another explanation, but I’m sorry this is not another clarification of what happened on Twitter but more of a gratitude post to everyone. 

Everyone knows how happy I am as a person and because of that life has been made easier for me. I know some people might still feel bad for me due to what happened on Twitter, but honestly I feel okay, I’m not feeling any pressure (right now, my pamily, CHAROT), and I actually feel more motivated to share what I know and what I have learned in life. I’m sure my true friends and supporters know how I deal with this viral incident, and I bet they are all confident and just laughing at me right now for they know how minimal problem this is for me. For others, what do I know? I turned off my phone since yesterday. (Why? TOO MANY NOTIFS!!! MY PHONE IS EXPLODING HAHAHA)

Thursday, April 28

Who doesn't love B'lue? This water plus drink with three fruity flavors such as orange, calamansi & lychee is definitely a thirst quencher! Have you tried all three?

Sunday, December 13

Life & fashion creatively executed in one post, included a few steps on how to chill, outfit inspirations for the lazy and androgynous type, and also squeezed in a bit of the most recent life updates I've had in school just to give you a quick background of my life lately while it's still fresh in the mind. It seems like ever since my absence from events and the internet, I've been haunted by guilt of not being able to attain blog productivity but I'm glad to be back at it. 

Tuesday, November 10

Bloggers are not only active online but offline too, this includes – events, talks, guesting, meet and greet with readers, travel and the like. Each of us are practicing, or perhaps mastering the balancing of schedule and managing of time, despite of all the workload bestowed upon each of us whether this involves school, work or other required commotions in between blogging, we still have to look our best when showing up for particular affairs. Makeup isn’t the solution to beautiful skin, it only covers your true facial features. Using Collagen by Watsons, will help improve the skin’s vitality and make you beautiful even without makeup, this blog post serves as an evidence for my personal claim towards this product.

Thursday, September 10

A random photo diary taken last June, I lost the exact date – forgive me.

Caution: Photos may be too daring and intimate. No other people were involved, except only for the whole squad. No one was harmed or harassed while having this Photoshoot. Don't worry guys.

Thursday, July 30

My life has been moving quickly. In a span of 6 months, a lot has occurred that some of you may not know of. I've been concealing my true emotions inside myself which I'm afraid turned into a venom that scattered my overall body making me suffer severe depression. I feel like I'm trapped inside a box, all my feelings and thoughts combined inside. This time I feel the need to break free. And so I composed this blog to share with you my real life story. It is true that no life is perfect, even as a Lifestyle / Fashion Blogger. This post is all about the unanswered questions I've left you with. Alright, no more cliffhangers this time. 

Friday, July 3


When rain decides to fall, you know you have to dress down. And by dressing down, I mean going back to the main basics and feel absolutely carefree with it.

Tuesday, June 30

Life Lately

Bizu lunching with Wanda before the Call It Spring x Scout Mag Event

Chocolate overload plus a cute piece of neutral printed sweatshirt from the bestfriend (Eulah Araullo) fresh from the US

Sanuk Comfort Takeover at Commune

Michael may favorite vogue man being photographed by his favorite girl (Me)

Late lunch at Lucca with our flawless guy, Paolo Luna. Thanks for the treat man!

Getting our facials done at Flawless, Megamall

Candid hairflip. Shot by: Za the bohemian empress

Before swimming: Let's take photos before getting wet kind of night with Ida & Jey

The boy who visited me at past 3am in the ER. Thank you.

The past few weeks have been the most occupied days of my life. I've been out with my friends for events and other affairs such as meetings, appointments and photoshoots. It sounds really fun but my body isn't coping up with all the workload yet still, I tried pushing myself harder. I started to eat less and worked out a lot even if I had my period. The first and last thing I do in a day is to check my planner for events and plan my content timetable before I go to sleep.  I kept myself really busy just so I could somehow forget the stress and depression that's been overtaking my mind.

The day that actually summed up the whole month was being able to hang out with my closest friends at Ida’s house. We had a quick shoot and just chilled in the swimming pool and ate ice cream, then afterwards, had a movie marathon until midnight. 

After that day, I got really sick. I collapsed two consecutive times in our bathroom and I was brought immediately to the hospital. Mom took care of me despite of her other responsibilities but then Russel helped her out when she needed to head back home for my sisters. Unfortunately, I was suffering from intense dysmenoria that overlapped with my constipation which made it a killer combo. I also had cough and a slight fever which made me a bit weaker. 

But now, I can say I’m feeling a lot better. Thanks to those who took good care of me and I thank God for keeping me alive.

So now, I'm finally back to working. 

I'll see you guys later for the #AXEBlackFabio Pop Up Bar Event at The Palace Pool Club! 

Wednesday, June 3


My family at Max's, Canyon Cove
Random photo from our previous roadtrip
My blissful sister in our day tour at Batangas
My Gelati and I
Bizu lunch dates with Michael
John Barber's x Axe event
My main boys (Michael and Russel)
My daily routine reads in bed
Bench Partnership

A few weeks back, if I wasn't with my family stuffing ourselves with good food plus endless nights of roadtrips, you'd probably see Michael and I at Bizu lounging in, all prepped up for an event. If not, you might have seen me at Greenhills with Russel walking around with a cup of regular sized Ritas Gelati on my hand looking worried due to doubt of my phone's revival. 

I've been booked with events the past week but I wasn't able to attend everything on the list. I'm blaming my phone for my absence, I had to bring it immediately to GH just so I can calm down my nerves and worries of not being able to post a photo on Instagram ever again, which caused me to cancel all my scheduled affairs.

To some of you who have no idea on what happened to my phone, it all started during our event at John Barber's for the Axe partnership, Jessa and I were talking while she was having her foot spa. My phone was placed on her chair and accidentally slipped inside the foot spa. THERE WAS NO ONE TO BLAME (All caps for emphasis), Jessa wasn't moving and I was just standing beside her then my phone just decided to fall off by itself. 

After 3 days I got it fixed, even if it was expensive I had to. My phone is my life. I may sound like I'm over reacting but every blogger keeps a phone for his/her blogging tasks. It's part of our job. 

Enough of my phone’s tragedy and let’s talk about my current life. 

So this week, I started my Monday by dropping at Bench Glorietta to have our photo taken with the Love Local icon. I was with Russel the whole day, Michael followed. It was a peaceful Monday. We spent it like we had nothing else to do that day. Michael and I really needed that time off where we can just wear a plain shirt with denim jeans and be basic for a day, considering the fact that we both have been busy and stressed with all our workload. I was able to rest a while this week and finish a few of my backlogs but by tomorrow until the whole weekend, I’ll be attending events and accomplishing a few projects for particular brands. 

If you want to stay updated,
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Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts! Feel free to comment and give suggestions for me to work on it!

Saturday, May 23


A day at Anvaya Cove was all about sipping fruit shakes, swimming under the sun, laughing 'til dawn and taking numerous shots of ourselves with our bare faces, made our lives a little bit lighter. School has caged us for months we forgot how it felt like to decompress.

Tuesday, December 23

I've been through a lot this month, all the workload in school and tons of pending blog posts and random plans that has not been checked in my to-do-list is still haunting me. Though I have to say I like the feeling of being preoccupied. The feeling of productivity always seem to amuse me. Here's one of the many pending blog posts I haven't shared yet and since its been a while since my last Life lately post I feel like I needed to share a few highlights of my recent experiences. 

My life lately is all about: 

The Overhaul Bazaar, me and Jennica shared one booth for three days! It was a good experience for us bloggers. I was able to meet and talk to my readers in person. Also, I got the chance to finally declutter my closet and even earned a small amount cash for Christmas. Not bad for a first timer eh? Haha!

Call me a Daddy's Girl but I swear I'm equally attached to both my mom and dad. Since you may have seen my mom a couple of times in some posts because she literally never leaves my side, I guess I should introduce my big buff dad. We've been laughing our asses for the past few days cause it's his day off. He's always busy with work, so we never get the chance to talk. It's always fun having him around!

I'm part of a Squad now. I was able to hang out with these guys + Ida at the Overhaul Bazaar and I really had fun mingling with them. Our conversations were never dragging! I wish to hang out and take a lot of photos with them soon. (From the left: Zed, Austin, Sep, Ida, Mike, Me, Duff)

Also I want to thank Ida for always being a kind friend, she's been a good companion since the first day we met! I never felt anything artificial between us. She's one of the most unpretentious people I know. I love her for that! ♥ 

"Ayala Triangle night adventures". For two consecutive Sundays me and my family had been visiting the Ayala Triangle for the dancing lights and Bon Chon. HAHAH! This is how we celebrate our term break.

The historical Ayala Museum is definitely a place to visit. Before school ended, Abe and I went to the museum for a paper work I needed to finish. I enjoyed my stay there and saw dioramas of the early ages. I really don't know why those things astounds me. I think I'm just really appreciative.

The Enchanted Kingdom never fails to put a smile on my family's faces. I love seeing them having the time of their lives! Not to mention the extremest rides! I'm proud to say I've conquered them all. Not once or twice but thrice! HAHAH We're actually planning to go back there but this time with my friends ♥

The road wouldn't be fun without my Roadtrip Buddies. Currently enjoying the Classic Roadtrip Songs playlist by Spotify.

Laces and Fur. Special thank you to FAB (@fab.ph on ig) for giving me 5 brilliant black pieces from their collection. Visited them in Greenhills Shopesville yesterday! Excited to wear their fabulous clothing.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Take Care & Keep Safe ♥

Tuesday, November 11

Sunday Current-late Vol. 3

This is a sad Sunday, basically because School officially started last Wednesday and tomorrow's another day. I've been so preoccupied with the events of my life, I seem to loose myself. Btw, I'm currently typing this down on my notepad. (Written at 11-09-14 Sunday)

READING Lauren Conrad's The Fame Game Novel. I've been hoarding old books from a booksale and I never knew this novel was interesting! It was pretty obvious that Lauren has this fondness for fashion too. Every character in her book has a part where she described in complete and absolute detail what they wore, act and look like which made it easier for me to picture on my head. I'm also close to finishing it, fortunate for me I bought the 2nd book first before I bought this one! 

WRITING a particular wishlist for an online brand. Supposedly, for Christmas. Who knows? I might get even just one checked on my list! 

LISTENING to random indie rock playlist. 

THINKING about how to go back on a diet and detoxify for a week. 

SMELLING my current perfume named Manila Queen. A scent by Mica Javier of @iheartmnl on Instagram. 

WISHING I could be Flash and do things at the same time.... "Cause I'm the fastest woman alive" *Flash theme song playing*

HOPING to get good grades this term! And less stress (which I doubt will happen). 

WEARING a black shift dress from Shop Thrift Market and an old denim jacket, I'm currently on my way to the Supersale Bazaar to visit Ate Joe of @vinallabreezeclothing (on Instagram) and Shaianel of @fashionparanoia

LOVING my recent packages from new online sponsors! Thank you so much for always trusting me to style and review your items. 

WANTING to color my hair dark chocolate brown and get rid of my rusty orangey colored hair. 

NEEDING to buy a pocket wifi. I'm not always at home. I need to keep in touch with my social sites. At the same time do my blog duties wherever I'm at. You cannot remove wifi from a girls life. Especially a Blogger's life. That would totally feel like Maleficent without her wings or Clueless without Cher, which is totally buggin'. 

FEELING a bit nostalgic again. Remember the time I tweeted "I'm Sad" just recently? That's because I'm a pro nostalgist 

CLICKING random online stores, checking for new outfit inspirations. I've been editing a new write-up for one of my favorite online brands btw! More posts coming soon! 

Sorry for posting this just now. I sure hope my notepad turns into my blog site then life would be easier.

Friday, September 26

My Life lately (literally late, i know) has been all about

1. Discovering historical antiques at DLSU Dasma. This is actually a field trip for our Rizal subject. 
2. Practicing the life behind the stage by being one of the production members for our Dulaan (drama/play).
3. Joined my alternative block's retreat which turned out to be very emotional and tiring but fun!
4. River Island obsessions
5. Creating props and costumes for our literary parade. (We won second place! Btw. )
6. Cloudy skies and loud thunders from above. 
7. Frequent deliveries from online shops who sponsor me, left a note on our gate for the messengers just to let them know that our doorbell broke and I'm usually at school. (Stress please, STOP)
8. Recording for our audio visual subject, we sang All of Me by John Legend. (Pale face, no make-up, hate my complexion sometimes..)
9. Fitting with Jennica last tuesday Sept.23 for our Shana outfits! Took selfies cause we missed each other. #Clingy
10. Mrt Diaries. The life of a college student. Wait let me rephrase that, "The life of an average broke college student" HAHAHA what's wrong with commuting anyway 
11. Notebook shopping with Heart at Typo Boutique, Trinoma. Yes, Abe bought me one notebook. So thank you once again my dearest Abe. 
12. Salted caramel twirls. I think they're perfect! (Abe's twirling skills are the bomb)

Thursday, July 24

1. UP Dulaan: "Ang Nawawalang Anak"  ticket
2. Chocolate drink & mango graham cakes 
3. Midnight snack hunting in preparation for the storm
4. An alternative for our broken glass windows
5. Clear skies above the city
6. Reese's to wake me up before my shoot
7. Project Pie Pizza Date
8. Tried 8 Cuts Burger, cheezy bacon fries & Chocolate Cake in a shake
9. Paper works & Projects

Tuesday, May 27

Life Lately: A summary of what I did the last few days  

1. My 3-day-diet results (Photo was taken last May 16, 2014)

2. My 1 week diet + ab workout results (Photo was taken last May 23, 2014)

3.  Latest picture I have so far (Photo was taken last May 24, 2014)

4. My sister Chelsea with Mom and Dad

5. Chelsea’s Tiramisu Meltdown birthday cake

6. Bon Chon’s artistic wall and ceiling

7. An elegant photo of the trees facing the sky

8. My favorite cold treat this summer

9. S & R’s famous New York style pizza

I haven’t updated my blog since my last outfit post, the reason why I choose to laze rather than to post a new blog is basically because my mind just left me off with a blank page. I’ve been obviously lazy the past few days, all I ever thought about was either to maintain my diet routine and workout or eat and sleep the whole day. I always confuse myself between a healthy diet and a piece of delicious mouth-watering food.  I always end up asking myself “To eat or not to eat?” probably one of the most common struggles a woman will ever encounter. It’s easy for me to go on a diet because I get good results within a week of less food intake and a 30-minute workout per day. I’m not sure if this kind of routine works on other girls like me but if you would like to know how I did it, I’d be happy to share some tips. Since May 14, 2014 if I wasn’t working out I was sleeping, taking photos of random trees and plants or watching old marvel movies. I worked out my body and had my diet but of course as some of us may believe, “Nobody is perfect” this phrase may sound too cliché but it’s precise, I’m not perfect and I can’t go on a diet forever to maintain my desired body. Eventually, I craved for food by the end of the week and I ate a lot during my sister’s birthday. I can’t say no to rice when I’m in Bonchon! I also can’t resist their Ku-yo’s banoffee pie flavored frozen yogurt (Sorry for not posting any photos of the food I ate here). If you’re following me on Instagram you should already know by now that the next couple of days, I was pigging out and eating gigantic New York style pizzas in S&R! It took me 1 hour to finish the whole slice. I’m planning to go back on a diet though; I can’t go eat like a pig forever!

“What happened to your Pico De Loro photoshoot?”

“No outfit posts?”

“Can you please share us your diet & workout routines?”

My Pico De Loro shoot was postponed and unfortunately no date was given. My Victoria’s Secret dream photoshoot is depressingly cancelled for now. But I swear, I will have my VS shoot soon or maybe next summer!

I wasn’t able to do any outfit posts because I was always at home, also I was too lazy to play dress-up because I was too busy watching marvel movies and I felt really down hearted when I knew Pico De Loro was unsure.

Yes, I’m planning to. But I really don’t know how to start and how to accurately discuss my diet programs. I will work on that one as soon as possible; since I get a lot of questions asking me about this.

I’m glad to finally be back, I promise to give you Life Lately updates in case I don’t post any fashion, photoshoot and event-related posts. I will also try to start posting beauty and health related blogs, so that I wouldn't repeat my answers on ask.fm! I hope you stay tuned for more of my blogs. My mind suddenly left me a whole page of ideas to write! If you have any suggestions on what I could blog about, tweet or ask me. I’d be happy to work on it ;)