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Change Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Change Isn't Always A Bad Thing

In any given moment, we have two options: 1.) To step forward into growth or 2.) To step back into safety. What would you choose?

Back in the years 2013 to 2015, you’d probably know it’s me when you see a short haired girl walking around in an event in an all black ensemble. In those previous years, the #1 rule I kept in my mind: “Always wear black it’s a classic” In that case my color options were very limited, I always stick to the neutrals mainly just black, white, gray, maroon, etc., basically the dead colors, the ones that may be subtle enough to not attract too much attention. I was the type of person you’ll never see wearing bright colored clothing or most likely prints and besides, it was the normcore era; it was when basics were a fetish, it’s all about the irony of being hip by being normal. I got hooked with androgynous laid back getups, where my outfits exhibits an ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ vibe.

If you have followed me ever since 2013 then you may have known me for these following looks:

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Outfit: Sunnies by Sunnies Studios, Top from Neon Island, Vintage Slacks, Wedges from Tutum

Outfit: Sunnies by Sunnies Studios, Vintage Black Denim Jacket, Bikini Top from Eighth Mermaid, Skirt from Mainline Co., Boots from Topshop

Outfit: Top from F21, Pants from Promod, Watch from Daniel Wellington, Sneakers from Vans

Outfit: Sunnies by Lily and Jones, Top from F21, Watch from Daniel Wellington, Vinatage Slacks, Sneakers from Vans

Outfit: Choker from House of Chokers, Menswear Blazer from Uniqlo, Loose flowy shorts from Shana

Fashion has no limits, your options are endless, and your only boundary is yourself. This is my style mantra ever since, with that I eventually decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new by slowly adding color and prints to my outfits. In time, we grow and change our perspectives through the influence of our environment. Traveling has changed my sense of style, the attachment I get with places & people that inspires me adds color to my life, and every time my love for various new hues grows fonder. Recently, I rarely wear neutrals but despite that, I am not bidding the title “Queen of Black” farewell, I will always love wearing neutral colored getups, and I won’t be giving it up just like that.

Change is inevitable, but deep down we all have a part of us whether it may be a tiny portion or a big section of ourselves that will never change, in this ‘fashion’ case — my love for the classics but this 2017 expect more hues, the assets and drawbacks of my life has brought so much color, it’s impossible to contain. So my answer for the question that started this post, I would choose 1.) To step forward into growth, which I believe majority would choose eventually.

Here’s a few looks of my recent photos & #ChaOOTDs on Instagram:


Photos taken by my Fujifilm XA3 with 35mm F2.0 prime lens, CANON Eos M with 22mm F2.0 pancake lens, or my Iphone 7 Plus

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