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The Revival

The Revival


Some people take breaks not just because they want to quit what they’re doing but for the mere fact that they just want to breathe and contemplate about what they really want, and so far my personal break lead me back here.

Yes, I’m officially back. For some of you visiting this site for the first time —
Hello I’m Cha Ocampo. You may have heard my name once or even twice on Social Media whether it may be positive or negative. Some may have introduced me as the fashion aficionado that started with the title “Queen of Black” – the blogger who always wore all black minimal ensembles, or rather the girl on Twitter because of one trend that happened this year, which some can’t seem to forget (read here). Although people take it as something I should be guilty of, I honestly feel no shame at all. We shouldn’t be ashamed for being vocal about our personal stand, I have my reasons for saying such things, and also apologized for those I have offended. Even if my point of view was twisted into different stories, even if I was bashed for something I am not, I remained calm during the chaos, and I think that best describes my personality.

I have been known for so many depictions the past few years, and this post is not another autobiography, nor a revision of my past ‘About Me’ pages, this is to show everyone that despite of the simple successes and crazy downfalls I’ve dealt with and I’ve been known for, I still recovered as the person I am since day 1, but better and stronger.

So let’s start by ending my revival blog post like this,

Hello I’m Cha Ocampo, get to know me more by following my journey and discoveries about life as I start it all once again.

P.S. I’m pretty sure some of you are expecting lengthy write-ups regarding my sudden act of disappearance, explanations about the unanswered questions I have left everyone with, like why I stopped blogging and vlogging, why are some of my tweets before used to be so dramatic and painful, but unfortunately I’m saving up all the drama for the next upcoming personal posts. 

Flower Crown, Golden Bralette Body Jewelry, HW bikini bottom from Forever 21, Triangle Bikini Top from Volcom

Photos taken by my Fujifilm XA3 with 35mm F2.0 prime lens in Azalea Boracay

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We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. 2 Corinthians 4:8

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