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 Hair Talk: Current Hair Care Necessities When Traveling

Hair Talk: Current Hair Care Necessities When Traveling

Find out how I keep my hair clean, fresh, soft, healthy, and manageable during my trips. Learn about the different products you need to bring during travels and why they are crucial for your hair.

Many of you have asked me the same question: “How do you maintain your hair?”
It’s kind of hard to explain and reply to each one of you through direct messages, so here’s the detailed and precise answer to all of your hair care questions.

There are three complications you have to consider about my hair:

IMG_7042 2.JPG

First, my hair is not naturally blonde, but I can never see myself not having a blonde or light shade coloured hair. I’ve been blonde for more than a year now and I can’t even remember how many times I’ve had bleach sessions with my hair stylists, but the more you have the process done, the lesser the sessions are because it gets lighter in color and you don’t have to include some parts or layers anymore. Even if I had my hair coloured brown recently it still fades to lighter brown and eventually turns blonde.

Second, I’m always out in the sun especially since I live in a tropical country. Given that, being fond of the beach can cause a lot of hair damage. One thing you should be careful about is constantly exposing your hair to direct sunlight which may result to a change in hair color. If you have ash blonde hair the sun sometimes makes it yellowish or copper-ish. You should worry about salt water too, since it really dries up the hair causing it to be brittle especially when you have bleached blonde hair like me.

IMG_8290 2.JPG

Another thing that you have to be cautious about is your scalp. Staying under the sun without any SPF can cause dryness of the skin, which results to flaky skin, eczema, and other skin conditions. For the scalp, it often results to dandruff, which can be caused by a number of things, like dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, and skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or eczema.

IMG_7602 3.JPG
IMG_7603 3.JPG

Third, I’m always traveling (mostly in tropical countries), which means my hair is exposed to various elements. May it be the sun, the pool’s chlorine water, saltwater, etc. These make it harder for me to maintain a healthy and beautifully polished hair because I rarely go to salons or do hair treatments myself, since I’m always on the go due to early call times, activities, flights, and transfers.

Despite all of these issues, I am still able manage my hair with only the few products I use everyday (even while traveling). If you are facing similar struggles as what I have stated above, here’s a list of things you need to keep for your hair healthy. Consider it as a checklist or guide for future purposes.

1. SPF Hair Mist

When traveling in sunny places I often bring a handy SPF Hair mist which I can spray any time of the day may my hair be dry or wet. For bleached / colored hair it is a must to always have that in our hand bags because it helps prevent discoloration, dryness, and it is for protection against UV rays.

2. Argan Oil

We all have our night time routines – may it be skin care, hair care, or body care, we always have our own way of taking care of our body parts. Since we’re talking about hair care – one of my night time hair regimens has to be brushing my hair with either Argan or Coconut oil, apply every night before you sleep to treat your hair then wash it overnight. It helps a lot when you have dry and frizzy hair, it keeps your hair smooth and tangle free!

3. Styling cream (if ever I decide to blow-dry or curl my hair) 

Before I style my hair with a blow-dry or worse a curling iron, I always protect it with a styling cream. This doesn’t just make your hair appear silkier even when curled or styled, it actually makes it stronger preparing it for all the heat of the blower / curling iron. It’s not necessary, but I prefer to always have one.

4. Shampoo: Head & Shoulders Supreme shampoo with Moroccan Argan Creme

DSCF1143 2.JPG

What you see above is the Head & Shoulders Supreme with Argan Creme shampoo and conditioner set. Let’s talk about the shampoo first, shall we? More than just being a shampoo that lets you be 100% itch and dandruff-free, Head & Shoulders Supreme also nourishes the hair with Moroccan Argan Creme that deeply moisturizes the hair from root to tip.

Another shampoo option would be: Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh or Lemon Fresh

IMG_3057 3.JPG
IMG_3758 3.JPG

For all the summer lovers out there, Head & Shoulders also has limited summer shampoo variants. I usually bring with me the Apple and Lemon Fresh ones, which I often use during my travels. I particularly loves these variants because despite the crazy summer heat, my hair smells fresh because of the fruity scents and my hair is protected from all the factors that cause itch and dandruff!

5. Conditioner: Head & Shoulders Supreme Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Creme

IMG_0517 2.JPG
IMG_7054 2.jpg

Moving on to the Supreme Conditioner with Argan creme, this is my on-the-go conditioner that I bring to all of my trips. This is perfect for those with bleached hair like me. Plus, I know that bleached haired girls like us all face these same issues – frizziness, dryness, always tangled because of saltwater, sand, or wind. This conditioner helped me a lot solving this issue.

I hope I was able to answer all of your questions about hair care. I know how crucial it is for us to take good care of our hair because it’s also a part of our body!

So Adios, mi amigos. ’Til the next post!

Comment below if there’s anything else you want to know regarding haircare and the like. Would be happy to share with you guys some of my beauty hacks too!

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