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Getting Ready With Me in 45 Minutes

Getting Ready With Me in 45 Minutes

Let’s do it differently. Instead of giving you a step by step write-up of my usual routine, I’ll just give you the whole honest timeline of how I get ready when I have events, client meetings, or lunch / dinner catch-ups with friends and loved ones.

This 45 minute routine is basically composed of beauty and hygiene regimens, plus singing and dancing to my hip hop playlist. But in all seriousness, I just want to give you guys a preview of my normal days when I’m at home (meaning, in Manila) and how I fix myself before important festivities.

8:45am: My phone alarm rings out loud and as I start to open my eyes I tap on the snooze button and go for a nap again (just for a bit, don’t judge).

8:50am: My alarm is doing a pretty great job waking me up after every 5 min and yes it has succeeded. I wake up with tired and sleepy eyes, being all grumpy and annoyed – a proof that I can never be a morning person even if I had to.

This is where the actual routine starts.

8:50 - 9:00am: As I woke up, I open my eyes, stretch, I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face – no facial wash yet, just with cold water so my face wakes up.

9:00am: I turn my bluetooth speakers on, connect my phone, play on shuffle my “Shower Jam” playlist on Spotify. I usually shower for 10-20mins depends on how much I dance and rap while at it (Don’t expect me to post my naked dancing, that’s private).

Shower routine:

So head first, for my shampoo and conditioner I use Head & Shoulders Supreme.
After scrubbing my scalp with shampoo, I wash it completely and I grab the conditioner and generously spread it all over my hair. I leave it in my head while washing my whole body with soap and a loofah as I confidently dance alone to Taki Taki (disclaimer: I am not a dancer. I mean to be fair, I know how. But my skills come out when no one is watching). After leaving the conditioner while scrubbing my body, I wash my head and then my body. Then, I’m all done.

9:20- 9:30am: I towel dry my hair first, I put a bit of serum and I wrap it with a towel. More dancing while music is still on while I dry myself and apply lotion afterwards.

9:30-9:40am: Now for the face, I wash it with facial wash, apply toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen you know the usual!

9:40-9:45am: I apply concealer, tinted lip balm / cheek and lip tint, curl my lashes, and that’s it!

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