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Siargao: Barefoot Luxury in Nay Palad Hideaway

Siargao: Barefoot Luxury in Nay Palad Hideaway

We all need a place to hide, a place where we find peace amidst the crowd, a sanctuary, a home.

When I was a kid I used to build a fortress in the corner space of the couches in our old house back in the early 2000s. There were no side tables so I requested my dad to save the space for me instead of filling it up with house decorations. It was a small space enough to put a comforter about my size when I was 5 with pillows, my barbie dolls and stuffed animals who I regularly consider as my adventure buddies. I felt secured and during that time that little corner was my own safe haven in my own home. There are times when I imagined that my mini fortress was a tent in a jungle, a cabin in the woods, or a bungalow by the beach, I had my own world, sometimes my sister would even join me.  When we were kids imagination was enough to keep us satisfied. As we grow, we lose that thought and we start to see things differently. We want an actual experience that’ll take us back to our childhood imaginations and that’s how Nay Palad Hideaway made us feel.

Nay Palad Hideaway is different from all the other hotel & resorts I’ve been to. It’s unlike any other hotel service. It feels more like your own home rather than being a guest. Katt & I were welcomed warmly as soon as we got into the property, we were asked to leave our slippers by the restaurant because of the barefoot luxury policy. It was around lunch time so we got asked by the head chef about our food requests, I was thrilled to learn that they don’t give out menus, the idea is they serve us based on our food preference and what’s available in the kitchen. As we walked to our own rooms we were informed by the staff that every villa has its own name, we stayed in Palmera.

In our 3-day-stay we experienced quite a lot, from recreational activities like yoga, kayaking and surfing to other more activities like island hoping. We even had our own speed boat courtesy of Nay Palad. We were also spoiled with good food all the time.

Disclaimer: Nay Palad is a luxury resort, it obviously requires money but their packages are worth it. It’s actually a pay-per-head kind of thing and that includes almost every service you can think of (for more questions click here).

Other things I’ve noticed during my stay:

  • It’s a pet / animal friendly property! Dogs & cats can freely walk around their area.

  • They are environmentally conscious, I notice they use organic shampoos, soaps, lotions, oils, they use glass refillable bottles instead of plastics.

  • It’s silent and peaceful all the time, if you listen carefully at night you hear nocturnal animals making sounds.

I’ve always been a simple budget traveler myself so whenever I’m given the opportunity to stay in beautiful luxurious properties like Nay Palad’s I am always truly grateful. So if you decide to spoil yourself I hope you decide to stay here. It’s worth it!

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For more inquiries about Nay Palad’s services & rates: click here

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