Q&A: #ChaPresets

Since I mostly get questions about my presets in my Inbox, I figured maybe a FAQs page would be necessary – Incase I am not around & might be unavailable. If that happens, it just means that I am either in a flight, on a trip and I am probably exploring with no cellular data / signal, probably in a different time zone so I might be sleeping soundly as you message, another issue might be jetlag & recovering, or worse case scenario is me being ill. Worry not, I promise to reply as soon as I can but if I don’t, you can rely on this page to answer your questions. Also, just so you know, these questions are the most frequently asked questions we receive online but if you have a query in mind that may not be in this page you can always reach us through hello@chaocampo.com

So, let’s start from the very beginning. 

When you purchase my presets you will receive a personal download link in your email.

My download link doesn’t open when I click/tap on it, it only shows a blank page 

The issue might be internet connection, the browser, or the device you’re using. The file that you are downloading is about 170MB document containing about 7-13 files (depends on which preset package you purchased), which makes sense why it has a hard time loading.


Easiest option I would suggest is downloading the link through a browser on your laptop / desktop. 

If you don’t have a laptop / desktop and your only option is your phone and it doesn’t load with your current browser let’s say on Safari, I suggest opening it with another browser (E.g. Google Chrome / Mozilla) 

After downloading, you will receive a .zip file. 

With a desktop unzipping this document will be done with a snap! You just have to double click if you’re using a Mac & right click unzip if you’re using Windows.

But, how do you unzip a .zip file if you only have a phone? 

It’s not impossible! Don’t worry! Download a zip extractor on AppStore / PlayStore (links included are the useable apps for extracting files on mobile).

For iPhone: Once this is downloaded, go back to the download link on your email and tap on it, open with your zip extractor. You will see the .zip file inside the app tap on the file and Extract.

For the steps on how to transfer .DNG files (a.k.a your mobile presets) to your Lightroom CC app, open the .PDF file included in the folder. It’ll guide you through it.

Why a .zip file?

In this platform, I am only allowed to upload a single document for your download so I need to compress it into a single file. Which saves me as well from illegal duplicates, or links being spread if I was using an online drive let’s say Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

It’s hard to download .zip files on mobile, can you just send us a dropbox link? 

Unfortunately, no. As much as I want to make it convenient for everyone I also try my best to avoid duplicates. Even if it is inevitable I still take part on protecting

For the rest of your queries, choose whether your question is for Lightroom Desktop or Mobile —

1x1 Mobile Presets.jpg

lightroom presets - mobile

For those having a hard time importing .DNG files to the Lightroom CC App,

1x1 Desktop Presets.jpg

lightroom presets - desktop


Hope that the information provided helped! If you have unanswered question, feel free to contact us:

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