Cha started out as a fashion and beauty aficionado on social media, with her like-able Instagram photos, lookbook #OOTDs, and tons of support from her followers, she had created a personal blog site in the late 2013. She’s all about being adventurous in terms of both fashion and lifestyle. With her fun, playful, and spontaneous aura, she has been discovered by local and international brands on the same year. Some of her collaborations include River Island, American Eagle Outfitters, Calvin Klein, HM, Forever 21, Maybelline, L’oreal, Ray Ban, and Primer Brands such as Herschel, Roxy, Volcom, etc. In the latter part of her career she has expanded her content to other varieties like lifestyle and travel. Throughout the years as she continuously explore and produce fresh content for her personal blog and social media platforms, various companies such as Fujifilm, Sun Life, Sky Jet Airlines, Air Asia, Nissan, etc. has worked with her as well. Cha has also been featured on credible print / online magazines such as Mega Magazine, Metro Society, and Preview.

Outside social media, Cha has been a former Media Production student in Assumption College, San Lorenzo. She loves writing, photography, film and anything art related. She has also lived up to her image as an ‘Island Girl’ mainly because of her endless love for the tropics. She is fond of swimming, surfing, and trekking. Her taste in music lies between Indie rock & pop, plus mellow Hawaiian tunes to ease away her stress.

Social Media is only a fraction of her life, she believes that there is more to life than mere fame and success.