Queen of Black | by Cha Ocampo

Tuesday, August 30

The Secret To Timeless Golden Skin: Orogold

Golden glowing skin is a woman’s ultimate investment. My skin is normally dull and dry but then with just one session at Orogold, all of a sudden this skin dilemma has been resolved.

Monday, August 22

35 minutes flight time to your favorite local island destinations – via Sky Jet Airlines

Believe it or not, it took only 35 minutes flight time on my way to paradise – Boracay and Palawan, getting to the terminal and waiting for aircraft clearance took way longer.

Wednesday, August 3

Every Flawless session, whether I'd be having a simple body scrub, a facial or a shape and sculpt session, I always feel confident afterwards. Just like my previous Flawless post, I'd be showing you another set of random unfiltered photos taken a few days after my sessions with Flawless.