Queen of Black | by Cha Ocampo

Tuesday, January 3

How to be Positive 101

I’m sure you’re all here because you want to read another explanation, but I’m sorry this is not another clarification of what happened on Twitter but more of a gratitude post to everyone. 

Everyone knows how happy I am as a person and because of that life has been made easier for me. I know some people might still feel bad for me due to what happened on Twitter, but honestly I feel okay, I’m not feeling any pressure (right now, my pamily, CHAROT), and I actually feel more motivated to share what I know and what I have learned in life. I’m sure my true friends and supporters know how I deal with this viral incident, and I bet they are all confident and just laughing at me right now for they know how minimal problem this is for me. For others, what do I know? I turned off my phone since yesterday. (Why? TOO MANY NOTIFS!!! MY PHONE IS EXPLODING HAHAHA)

Monday, January 2


This is a post dedicated to everyone who have witnessed the big twitter incident going on which involved me and my personal tweet specifically,

"Lesson for all girls. Don't date a boy who can't even take you out to a nice dinner place or even a movie. DATE A MAN WHO WOULD DO THAT"

Who would think that one tweet would reach so many individuals I don’t even know? It’s really shocking what social media can do and quite disappointing for people who are being bashed for just saying a subjective opinion. This post is not to defend myself but to clear things out. I prevented myself from checking all the tweets pertaining to me because I’m sure it will just put me in rage, mess up my mood and confuse me with my own point of view. I don’t fight back because I am not that type of person, I would never bash anyone for saying what they feel even if I am against them. I’d rather sit in my couch and ignore. Although, I can’t help but notice all the texts I’ve been receiving from my friends, so here’s what you have and would want to hear. 

Thursday, November 3

Mood Board Vol.1

Despite of my love for minimal fashion, it might not be obvious but I am a fan of the early 90's where edgy, quirky, and chromatic ensembles are the ultimate fad.

Photos via Pinterest